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Here is my first project using Raspberry Pi.

Electric Chair prop


It's an animatronic Halloween Electric Chair Prop using Raspberry PI GPIO.


watch him in action on youtube



P and Relays


The PI and software:  (what I learned to do with the PI on this project)

- written in Python using IDE

- opens and plays an MP3 file

- configures GPIO

- opens a .csv text file with ones and zeros and outputs to the GPIO port at a regular interval (every 33 msec)

- reads an input on the GPIO to trigger the prop

- auto executes the program at bootup


The sequence is 1 minute long

- waits for the switch to ground an input pin

- hits a relay to turn on a flood light and a turn on a yellow beacon light on top of the electric panel

- the side lights flash in sequence with a buzzer warning sound for 10 seconds

- the electric noise starts and he starts to shake (there's a hedge shaker toy in his head)

- he starts to scream and pneumatics start jolting him forward

- the electric noise gets louder and he jerks forward and back more violently

- the strobe light starts flashing in the electric panel

- the sequence ends as a fog machine pipes fog through his head


pictures of the PI, a relay board, and a pneumatic solenoid switch

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