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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: pdcleyn
Introduction In this post I will describe my initial tests to use the PiFace to control XBMC. This post is part of a series which is indexed on its introductory post.   Installing and configuring needed software I initially started with a vanilla RaspBMC to get my project started, but soon it turned out that installing the dependency needed to get all software together broke the base functionality. So instead of diving into the reasons why XBMC no longer wanted to run on my adapted RaspBMC, ...
Project overview I would like to create a multimedia system which my (young) kids can control themselves. XBMC on the RPi is a great system and has lots of easy ways to control, but although fiddling around with a keyboard or with remote controls on smartphones can be extreme fun for the kids, it is in general not really fit for our little ones to really get a movie selected or the sound adjusted. Especially in the weekend, mom and dad occasionally can enjoy an additional hour of sleep, so it wo ...

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