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A very busy October so far and finding out that my project kit has been misplaced by UPS means that I have less than 10 days to Halloween with not really a lot of equipment at disposal! So I have come up with an achievable plan I can work on over the weekend and not need a lot of equipment, hence minimalist!


I have a number of gadgets around the house which I will try to integrate in this project, particularly the following:

  • Foscam CCTV to act as a motion detector (Using Motion as a software motion detector)
  • Philips Hue System with bulbs in multiple rooms of the house to be triggered on motion
  • Play haunting music on an existing Raspberry Pi Audio Player based on an Hifiberry Amp and running Volumio OS



Depending on progress with the project, I will try and have proximity sensor based interactive module on the door to make it more interesting for the kids!


Short and sweet but I hope some of the basic stuff will be interesting to the readers!

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