Congratulations from element14 !


Out of an incredible 400+ entries requesting the Raspberry Pi 2 GPS kit, ten people from across the globe presented themselves with an application putting forward projects and enthusiasm abound that have earned themselves the kit to build along with myself and element14:


Dennis MedlowBob Alexander
Steven FordCharles Mao
Petrache ValentinBruno Giffard
Ovidiu-Florin BogdanJason Nuckols
Mark FinkRobert Reese

Your kits will be sent out over the next 4 weeks and should hopefully arrive within that time. When you receive your kits, we would love to see your blogs, discussions, reactions and posts about your build here on the Community, across social media and even YouTube if you're feeling adventurous in the world of video!


While you're waiting for your kits, you can still find yourself an element14 trackable while you're geocaching and don't forget to visit or add to the Atlas of Scientific Achievement! If you didn't win, you can still buy the kit and build along with us (if you're wondering, the additional small board in the photo' is an accelerometer, just one of the changes you could make to the kit!).20150716_201121.jpg


Let everyone know what you intend to build with your Pi 2 GPS Kit below, if you're not sure or you've changed your mind then you can always build along with me as I encounter trials and tribulations for a portable geocaching device with the Raspberry Pi 2 - the next blog of which should be live next week!


Happy hacking!