The element14 trackables are running free around the world, and scurrying into the far corners of the global geocaching arena thanks to a legion of members who've set them loose. To celebrate our treasure-hunting helpers we've put together a Geocaching Badge, so you can pin your globe-roaming achievements to your virtual chest here on



Blog Your Geocaching Journeys

Much like geocaching itself, bagging this new badge is very simple in principle, but demands a degree of perseverance and endeavour if you want to acquire it. Anyone who's ever found themselves within a few feet of a cache that simply won't reveal itself from a cunning hiding place will understand that mentality quite profoundly.


In fact, that's what we want to hear all about in order to hand over the Geocaching Badge. Open up a blog here in the Geocaching space, and tell the world all about your adventures in launching your element14 trackable. Or, if you were out in the wilds and happened across one of these elusive electronic dog tags, we want to hear about that, too.


Hunting for Science

Our very own Sagar "bluescreen" Jethani put together a fascinating crowd-sourced map that pinpoints places of scientific discovery around the world, which we're hoping many of our trackables -- and therefore the people who secretly ferry them from cache to cache -- will get to see and connect with these important locations.


You've been helping us to add new and interesting places to the list, and we're always looking for cool new geo-locations where science and tech history happened; whether quietly, explosively or controversially, so let us know of any hot spots of creative discovery you're aware of, and we'll add it to the atlas.


Raspberry Flavoured Caching

And while we're busy promoting the new Geocaching Badge, let's give another round of applause to the winners of our Raspberry Pi 2 GPS kit, which cstanton has been hacking together to help you hunt those science-loving trackables down. These 10 tech-touting treasure hunters are the first recipients of the Geocaching Badge, whose proud ranks you'll be joining when you blog up your location-based adventures here on element14.


Cache, and be merry, members!

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