In Part II: OS Configuration and Software Installation & Update, I showed how I configured the OS and installed software. In this part III, I will show the problem of SHIM and how I made it work.


To test the kit, I first tried cgps program a few times and each time the program timed out and quit in a couple of seconds. Basically there was no GPS fix at all.



Then I tried to print GPS message but still no luck. I issued poweroff command to brought down the kit and started trouble-shooting.



The first thing I did for trouble-shooting was remove the PiFace and still didn't get a fix.



Next, I directly plugged Microstack baseboard onto GPIO pins. And I got the first GPS fix after powering up the kit for a while.



At this point, I was convinced that I had the same SHIM issue like others had. To solve the problem but not touch the Pi2, I ordered a connector (ESW-120-14-G-D from Samtec) and soldered the connector on the SHIM board.



Put all things together and powered the kit up and got GPS fix in a few seconds.



Next, a quick test with the PiFace



Up to this point, I am confident my kit is ready for the fun of programming. If you have any question or comments about my step by step building process, please post below. Thanks for your reading.