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Setting up the system

Posted by pvalyk Oct 15, 2015
     First off, let say thanks for being part of this project. Sorry for the late post.      A couple of weeks ago I started assembling my project. For starters I choose to setup just the GPS module. The LCD display will come after. I put the system on my fridge, right near the wifi router.        When I first booted into latest version of Raspbian I ran the Configuration menu . In Advanced Options>Serial  set disable s ...
A few weeks since the last post, mainly due to the tenacious cold & flu-like bug circulating around the family. Since that's now gone I was keen to look at more GPS coding on the Pi.   My last attempt had reading of the serial port running fine until it was interrupted, then it produced errors on reading caused by the serial stream being read off of a character boundary. Furthermore once the stream has been read for a while it then only produced 8 or so characters per read - pointing ...