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I did this work in early October when I had some free time on the weekend.  As a reminder, I was interested in how different colors of glow sticks spend their energy.  I know, for example, that blue is an energetic color of light, and that red is a less energetic color of light.  For a light source, giving off red visible light means that energy is being given off in small packets.  Its like spending $100 just pennies at a time.    So I made a simple circuit just ...

Lightsticks and Lux

Posted by mikedavis Oct 2, 2014
I am doing it.  This weekend!  I am done talking about it.  This is the weekend!   For years I have been imploring teachers, students, and parents to expand their mindset when it comes to the science fair.  I see a lot of   Which battery lasts the longest? Which light is the best for plants? Which diaper is the most absorbant? Which music is makes me the calmest?   All of these are not without merit.  They teach process and you might get a good grap ...

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