Interesting little microcontroller board, to be developed as part of a BBC plan to distribute them for free to 1M 11-year old children according to this news announcement.

_81579433_microbit.jpg (Image source:

Apparently this is not the actual incarnation that will be distributed - it will also feature Bluetooth.

The shape looks interesting - like a robot with eyes : ) or a little professor.


I think it is a good concept - it is a nice blend of toy-like appearance combined with educational material. Some kids will use it for

cute animations on the LED matrix, and learn in the process! Others will probably fit (say) wires to what looks like screw terminal holes to connect

up multiple ones perhaps - no soldering needed : ) Like an electronic origami perhaps.

paper-chain-doll.jpg (image source:


<Edit: added some more pics from BBC news site>: