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AachenGermany is well known as one of the leading engineering and manufacturing countries in the Western world. Not only does it house an active and diverse maker scene and act as a base for many of the leading manufacturers in electronics and engineering, it is also an important educational hub, with some of the most highly regarded engineering schools in the world. These schools are open to engineering students from all over the world, and should be a consideration for anyone looking into undergraduate or postgraduate studies to prepare for a career in the industry.


Here are five key advantages of studying engineering in Germany:


Cost of study

Germany's public universities are known for charging much lower tuition fees than their UK and US equivalents. In fact, several actually offer tuition-free courses of study, available to both domestic and international students. This can open up study opportunities that may simply not be feasible in other locations. Germany also has a strong economy and a modest cost of living compared to other places in Europe. Wages are generally good for part-time work, and students have access to a number of scholarship opportunities and discounts for essentials such as public transport.


English language courses

The majority of German universities offer their Masters' programs in English. These International Degree Programs are specifically aimed at foreign students, providing a top quality learning experience to students as they take the time they need to master the German language.


Research and collaboration opportunities

Germany's position on the global manufacturing scene means a study experience at a German engineering University can offer exciting opportunities to work closely with leading industries and technology brands. Many institutes in Germany foster close relationships with these companies, in addition to feeding and supporting the countries thriving independent maker scene.


Wide range of specialism opportunities

Because Germany is home to many of the leading engineering institutes in the world, it's one of the easiest countries in which to find a course that suits your preferred field of specialism. From mechanical engineering to nanotechnology via cartography and micro systems, you're practically guaranteed to find a suitable course at a highly regarded school of engineering.


Excellent employment prospects

Germany's economy is heavily driven by the manufacturing industry, and there's a high demand for skilled workers in fields such as IT, the sciences, maths and engineering, with a relatively straightforward path for educated workers to apply for permission to live and work in the country. Studying in Germany gives you the time to become comfortable with the German way of life and to pick up some German language skills - though these aren't always essential - putting you in a strong position to find employment after you have completed your education.


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