Volkswagen will be unveiling the eGon next month in Germany. (Image Credit: Volkswagen)

On Friday, May 3rd, Volkswagen introduced the eGon model, a cutaway vehicle based off its electric e-Golf automobile. The eGon has been completely stripped from its exterior and interior panels and the vehicle has some mobile features like QR code scanning, so visitors can obtain more information about certain components. The model will be showcased on the big Stage Six in the MobilityArena and will go on display at IdeenExpo in Germany from June 15th to the 23rd.  The goal of eGon is to help get youths inspired by automotive technology.


Volkswagen also hopes the stripped vehicle will gain popularity and interest in its electric car market as they go around looking for the best talent in the engineering and technology sector. Justin Paursch, a Trainee Automotive Mechtronics Technician at Volkswagen, reports that the eGon project was a unique learning experience for him. For Justin, the model is very complex, which requires a range of different skills to build and function. His team was made up of eight vocational trainees, all from different occupations. The team will be helping to present the eGon model to visitors at the IdeenExpo event.


The Head of Vocational Training at Volkswagen, Christoph Gortz had also said the eGon was a fun and engaging project for everyone involved, but also gave credit to those who used their unique skills for the development of eGon. Trainees involved in the project encouraged each other to take on more responsibility, show initiative and to create something they can be content with.


Even though Volkswagen was hit with a $1.2 billion fine for falsifying diesel emissions records, the company's shares rose after great Q1 earnings. According to Bernstein Research analyst, Max Warburton, the company's earnings have increased while the others are on a decline.


Volkswagen owns many different automotive brands as well, including Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Both Audi and Porsche brought in an estimated 40% of Volkswagens earnings before interest and taxes took effect in the first quarter in 2019.


Volkswagen has also moved joined in on the electric vehicle (EV) space and also plans on releasing an electrically powered SUV, small market electric car and an electric re-introduction to its past-time favorite Kombi vans in the upcoming years. Improved sales and efficiency from their SUV line has also helped with the earnings. But, I wish they would focus more on the education endeavor.


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