DIY, crafting, building is a huge part of Halloween these days. I enjoyed putting together this collection of projects fueled by the holiday spirit.

I walk you through how I built these from start to finish, include schematics and code. Everything you need to get started!

If you do go to build any of these, feel free to reach out to me if you have any trouble.


First up is my favorite, “The Scary Door.” A lot of time went into this one, I think is has the most potential for scaring people.


Second, I took the idea of the door and made it an innocuous porch. It’s “The Scary Porch.” As you approach it, the lights flood the porch with red light and deafening scary sounds.


"Scary Eyes" up next. The idea was to place eyes that blink in the darkness of the nooks and crannies. I got the idea after seeing a few raccoons in the dark, staring at me, blinking.


"Scary Shadow" was something I always wanted to try. Taking a small object and projecting the shadow as large as I could. What’s most scary, to me, is I always have a hard time filming in that area. Hence the weird video effects.


Not part of my “scary” series exactly, but I wanted to create a pumpkin lightshow.


"Scary Tapping" is another visceral sound that always gets people. I tried to make a way to create a tapping noise. Place it behind a wall or door, and it’s kind of creepy.


"The Scary Doll" project is another innate fear for many, dolls that come to life. High tensile fishing line and a stepper motor goes a long way. Not to mention, creepy sounds.


Have a question about these, feel free to reach out!