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1 Post authored by: kellyhensen element14 Team

Hi Educators!

The element14 Community has engineers who can build Raspberry Pi projects that you can use in your classroom.  What would you like them to create?


We are all interested in bringing more technology into the classroom to improve students' passion and engagement around STEM.  The challenge is, there's not a syllabus in the core curriculum for "Use a Raspberry Pi to Demonstrate the Differences between Nouns and Verbs."  Although, with the element14 Top Members, there very well could be. . .


So, what are the most interesting (or the most dull) parts of your required curricula that you think could be improved with the addition of a Raspberry Pi?  You don't have to have the project/solution in mind.  Just share ideas from your school's current requirements and share your ideas on other's submissions on how to make those into easy to do classroom projects.


Thanks in advance!