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2 Posts authored by: kitfud
After completing my last project, the "Rice Krispies Loader", I thought that a further use for my robotic arm could be turning it upside so that it became a robotic leg.   If you could print four of these and attach them then you'd have a quadruped "spider" robot. Though there is value in improving my version of the Rice Krispies Loader, so it could be a walking device of sorts; in the interest of time, I printed this compact and quick 3D print found on Thingiverse.   When printed th ...
How can the Printerbot Simple Metal be used in the classroom? After all, I am a teacher and the whole point of getting the machine in the first place was not to make enough trinkets to rival a box of Kinder Surprise   rather it was to have a lasting impact on the minds of the future.... On short notice, for three 45 minute lessons over the span of a week this was the best I could do:     For those interested in taking a look at the lesson plan I wrote click--> here. ...

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