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3 Posts authored by: mconners Top Member
Another simple real world measurement that can be performed with the Raspberry Pi B+ is to make measurements of the physical world around you. As several have shown before, you can get digital sensors to determine temperature, humidity, distance, motion, and a host of other things. But sometimes you may not have a digital sensor, or your budget doesn't allow for it. The lack of an Analog to Digital converter  built into the Raspberry Pi would seem to be a hindrance, but that is not entirely ...


Posted by mconners Top Member Dec 22, 2014
OK, I dug deep into my parts bin and found another Parallax part. The Passive Infrared Motion Sensor, or PIR sensor. This is another very simple device that you can connect up to your B+ (or any other Raspberry Pi devices).   The theory behind the PIR sensor is that is is a pyroelectric device, this means that it can detect small changes in the radiant heat of objects in the sensors vicinity, when this occurs the output of the sensor will flip from low to high, which is something that you ...

Ping))) Me!!!

Posted by mconners Top Member Dec 21, 2014
Hi everyone. This post is going to be a little different than some of the others. In fact it is different than what I had originally intended to blog about. I was going to do a post using temp sensors, but I see that several others have chosen that topic, so I thought I would write a couple of posts about simple projects that allow the Raspberry Pi to measure some other things around them.    I looked through my toolkit and discovered I had one of the sensors that I had purchased sev ...

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