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3 Posts authored by: ntewinkel Top Member
Hi all,   In this blog post, I show how to read the temperature from a DS18B20 temperature sensor using Python on the Raspberry Pi. This sensor is nice not only in that it's inexpensive, but it's also a digital sensor. Given that the Raspberry Pi doesn't easily handle analog inputs, the DS18B20 is a great choice.   In case you need it, here are my previous posts to help you get started with Python programming and IO pins for the Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi - HelloWorld Raspberry Pi - ...

Raspberry Pi - Blink

Posted by ntewinkel Top Member Nov 19, 2014
Hi all,   In this blog post, I go through the basic steps required to blink an LED on a Raspberry Pi - the basic microprocessor way of saying "Hello World!"   In case you missed it and need help getting started on the basics of writing and running a Python program on the Raspberry Pi, my previous blog post goes into a lot more detail of those first steps: Raspberry Pi - HelloWorld   For this tutorial, I am using: 1x Raspberry Pi Model B+ running Raspbian (other models should ...
Hi All,   In this blog post I go through the very first basic steps of programming a Raspberry Pi using Python, to run the familiar starting program "Hello World"   Note that this is geared for people who are complete beginners with Raspberry Pi.   My first thought was that this must have been done a zillion times before, but when I started looking I couldn't find anything that summed it up in easy steps, and I found myself having to dig a little just to get the first steps fi ...

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