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STEM Academy

1 Post authored by: oxleycraft

     Here in Toledo Oregon we have a fascinating opportunity to learn. In our High school in the year 2011 two teachers unveiled the first STEM class in Oregon. The curriculum was vastly different than any previous class held before. The STEM class was a crazy and seemingly outlandish idea but it worked marvels in the minds of those who took it. Over the years, we have lost friends in both a scheduling and literal sense. The class has changed ad adapted to the challenges we have encountered.


     I am currently in the third year of the STEM course and we are doing some very exciting things. At the moment we are learning how to use Arduino micro-processors. After we complete the Arduino training we will move on to Stellaris single board PC's, programming and eventually on to making our own Drones. The title "Drones" doesn't necessarily mean flying death machine we are using the title because it is less restricting than "Robot", "RC vehicle" or some other such name. Each student will choose a dream project and we will try to facilitate that dream (For example my "Drone Dream" is to make a Hazardous Environment Protective Exoskeleton or as I like to call it: Asmund.). On September 15, 2014 a group of my classmates and I went to Portland Oregon to purchase and be trained on a CNC machine, the MDX-40a. The company we contacted for this was Peak Solutions. We chose this company for many reasons two of them being that they are local and that it is run by a female. The reason her gender is important was because we wanted moralize the women in our class and because of the generalization that this type of field is only men. This trip was very exciting because now we have both a 3D printer and a CNC machine at our disposal.


     This was meant to be a brief description of who we are and what we plan to do. I hope to have more time to continue posting about us but the work load is rather heavy. I apologize if this may not have been informational enough but if you want to know more contact me or leave a comment!


     -Hunter Oxley