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3 Posts authored by: shabaz Top Member
Introduction Up until yesterday, I’d not seen a programming language which would go from a graphic oriented (pseudo Scratch-like) environment to a conventional source code view, from browser based execution to microcontroller execution, to mobile phone app execution. It was possible however to achieve all of this within a matter of hours!   TouchDevelop is a programming language created by Microsoft – it can instantly run in a web browser if Internet connectivity is available ...

Micro Bit

Posted by shabaz Top Member Mar 12, 2015
Interesting little microcontroller board, to be developed as part of a BBC plan to distribute them for free to 1M 11-year old children according to this news announcement. (Image source: Apparently this is not the actual incarnation that will be distributed - it will also feature Bluetooth. The shape looks interesting - like a robot with eyes : ) or a little professor.   I think it is a good concept - it is a nice blend of toy-like appearance combined with educational materi ...
Introduction It is one thing to check the temperature of something with a thermometer. However logging data and observing the change over time is a great way to see trends and gain more insight. This blog post covers just a simple experiment but the aim is to have a more general solution for good quality temperature measurement, monitoring and logging at low cost.   What is needed? A temperature sensor and logger is needed. Thanks to support from Element14 and element14Dave check out the b ...

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