The CodeBug guys have been spending some time here at element14 Towers, showing us the ins and outs of their awesome little code-teaching critter. And, good news for you, they left a few behind!


So we thought we'd set a CodeBug free this weekend via Twitter, and want to see you most creative and entertaining projects via our social media channel. If you haven't played with CodeBug's in-browser programming tool yet, you've got all weekend to rattle out a great idea and win a CodeBug to run it on.


codeBug.pngCodeBuggin' Compo


  1. Read, devour and digest the terms and conditions, like a legally-bound bug burrowing its way into a boilerplate apple.
  2. Post a link to your most awesomest CodeBug project on Twitter, making sure you use the #CodeBuggin hashtag (so we can find your entry) and remember to follow @element14 and @_codebug so we can let you know if you win.
  3. On Monday, we'll take a look through your super-cool CodeBug projects and announce the winner via Twitter.


This competition's being run via Twitter, but feel free to post your projects in the comments below, too, so the rest of the element14 community can check 'em out.


Good luck, now go get CodeBuggin'!