Spinny Blocks


A CodeBug had made itself at home in my mail this morning; so I took the little guy in and decided to look after him!


Above is the CodeBug simulator showing a short sprite animation, you can see the animation running on a live CodeBug in the video below. All was done in the 'blocky' graphical code blocks editor which is intuitive to use and has the option of switching into a traditional text style editor.


I haven't tried the text editor yet, hopefully switching between the 2 will preserve true changes (graphical style editors have a habit of erasing or overwriting things entered manually).


I'm going to try using the iic and spi port soon but don't think those features have been enabled as yet, there is a download to allow it to act as a slave device but not in conjunction with the programs we can create, hopefully the firmware interpreter will mature overtime to allow things like this and also maybe inline asm or c for adding a bit of efficiency!


The mcu is a pic18f2550 and there are pogo pads for reprogramming the pic which opens up the option of using microchips C18 c compiler and programming your own firmware to it with an appropriate pickit programmer of some sort if the interpreter becomes too restrictive, however Im going to work as much with the installed interpreter, even considering trying to get a copy of the hex file so I can put it onto one of the 2550's in my dev box.