This saucy little device only came along in the latter end of 2015, but it captured the imagination of the element14 members very admirably.

Thanks to its ease of use and simplicity in getting started, there are projects aplenty to choose from as we reminisce over the last 12 months.

So actually, we're not really reviewing an entire year here -- more like three months. But that doesn't mean there's a shortage of projects to pick from!

Check 'em out.

QuizBug, a CodeBug IoT educational project making-of

by balearicdynamics

Education and STEM is a big aspect of CodeBug's appeal, and Enrico here combined it with a superbly fun project in this Quiz Bug trivia game/book.



by biglesp

It might be a small and simple device, but evidently that doesn't mean the CodeBug can't be put to more advanced use, as Les's project proves.


Binary Clock!

by shabaz

It's only a five-by-five LED display on the CodeBug, but right off the bat Shabaz spotted a way to encode some great visual information on the insectoid invention with his binary clock.


Better Fuel Economy with CodeBug

by aaroNiGHTS

By using the CodeBug to keep an eye on his use (or over use) of the break pedal, Aaron figured out how the CodeBug can save you money on fuel!


Teaching electronics with CodeBug: Driving a stepper motor

by balearicdynamics

Further building on the STEM potential of the CodeBug, Enrico put together a great blog post that uses it as a way to help people get an understanding of electronics in general.


CodeBug Hack-O'-Lantern with Animated Eyes

by spannerspencer

Obviously I don't want to blow my own trumpet (not with my bad back) but I'm a bit Halloween fan, and wanted to give the witching hour a bit of presence somewhere in our Year in Review, so here it is!


CodeBug Current Consumption Observations with the ADALM1000

by shabaz

If you're interested in getting deeper beneath the exoskeleton of the CodeBug, Shabaz has some great data here that engineers will find invaluable, and that isn't eaesily found elsewhere.



CodeBug 'show n tell' - Spinny blocks

by violet

When the CodeBug was new and the Community was still wondering what to make of it (and, moreover, what they could make with it) Lucie delivered a great introduction complete with a video overview.


Codebug partial teardown

by gregoryfenton

A great example of why we all come to the element14 Community every day (and especially when there's a new SBC on the block). before any official documentation came our way, Greg took the CodeBug apart for all to see.



Codebug Line Follower Robot in half an hour... almost

by ipv1

If you're looking for a quick and fun project that helps you get intimate with the CodeBug, look no further than Inderpreet's awesome line following robot.