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Posted by biglesp Oct 16, 2015
In our previous tutorial we created a digital pet that lived in our pocket. This project was a gentle introduction to hacking with Codebug. For this tutorial we will be going a little further and using it to hack toys!   For this project you will need A Codebug A Kitronik Stepper / DC Motor Control Board 5108 4 AA Battery holder 4 AA Batteries A small breadboard Male to Female Jumper Cables A remote controlled toy car Optional A Dremel or rotary tool to drill holes in the plastic ch ...
In the 1990s a craze swept the world, Tamagotchis sometimes known as virtual pets became a big business. They used cheap LCD screens, buttons and microcontrollers to create a pet that would fit into your pocket. With new technologies taking over, the virtual pet soon fell out of favour as children demanded more from their devices. In the ensuing years we saw a slew of handheld gaming devices leading on to the rise in mobile and tablet gaming. But does this mean that the humble tamagotchi is d ...