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CodeBug Project: Clock!

Posted by shabaz Top Member Oct 17, 2015
With its 5x5 LED matrix, a binary coded decimal (BCD) clock is easy to create.   BCD is pretty easy - each column represents a digit, with the individual LEDs equating to 1, 2, 4 and 8. If the first two LEDs in a column are lit then that means the digit is 3 (the sum of 1+2).   Here is a BCD example from wikipedia that represents the time 10:37 in BCD: With the codebug I decided to build a 12-hour clock and to use the center LED to indicate the seconds:   When powered up ...
Thanks to spannerspencer and the team at Element14 I was provided with a free CodeBug. It is a very simple but awfully cute little board that makes a great present for 8-year olds and up. I have already purchased and given away several of these.   Looking at the board, there really isn't a lot to it. There is a microcontroller, a 5x5 array of red LEDs, a couple of push-buttons, the USB connector and six holes of which two can be used to power the CodeBug if you don't want to use the USB su ...