BBC micro:bit


The BBC micro:bit is a fully programmable hand-held computer that can be used for a wide variety of exciting projects, from creating games and robots to musical instruments and fitness tools. In 2016, one million year 7 students across the UK received their own BBC micro:bit device, free of charge.


If you’re looking for some simple, accessible projects to help your child to get to grips with their BBC micro:bit, take a look at this selection of easy and entertaining activities that you can try out right away, using just the device itself and a few easy to find accessories.


As of January 2017, the BBC micro:bit is available for purchase in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom, with more international rollouts anticipated in the near future. 


Note: For the purposes of this project series we will be providing tutorials for the use of Microsoft Block Editor, in which users can construct lines of code by snapping blocks together. We will be featuring project ideas using the JavaScript, Python and Microsoft Touch Develop code editors in the future, to ensure that users have an opportunity to explore all of the coding platforms available through BBC micro:bit.



BBC micro:bit projectSkill LevelTime to Complete
Day One: Flashing HeartBeginner10-15 minutes
Day Two: Countdown TimerBeginner15-20 minutes
Day Three: Making MusicBeginner15-20 minutes
Day Four: Camera TimeBeginner15-20 minutes
Day Five: Falling Sprite GameIntermediate30-45 minutes
Day Six: CompassIntermediate25-30 minutes
Day Seven: Roll the DiceIntermediate20-25 minutes
Day Eight: Security Alarm Intermediate30-45 minutes
Day Nine: Musical Light BoxIntermediate25-30 minutes
Day Ten: Two Player Telegraph GameIntermediate25-30 minutes