BBC micro:bit

Since the launch of the BBC micro:bit project earlier this year, over 750,000 devices have been donated, with around 80% of UK secondary schools already registered for the program.

The devices have been put to some truly inspiring uses, with over 4.5 million visits to the official BBC micro:bit website, resulting in over 440,000 programs downloaded and almost 80,000 scripts published by teachers. Projects have ranged from sending a BBC micro:bit into near-orbit to guage the temperature, to the creation of a virtual pet, known as the 'microgotchi', that needs to be fed and cared for on a regular basis.

If your school hasn't registered for the BBC micro:bit program yet, time is running out! Registrations will close on Sunday 12th June, so that the final BBC micro:bits can be delivered before the end of summer term. For more information and to register your school for the program, simply fill in the online form on the BBC micro:bit website.

At element14 we have a number of activities and project ideas lined up to help inspire students to explore their creativity through the BBC micro:bit in the classroom and at home. Stay tuned for more information on all of our upcoming initiatives.