We are very happy to start with the first series of workshops for girls, in preparation for the G:rl Power Code Fest, a hackathon taking place simultaneously in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. 


Here in Jacaranda Education, we decided to work with 1 teacher and 1 student, that will then replicate the workshops with their colleagues  and fellow students in each school.  In total, we are working with 10 Schools of the mexican technical school system. For this first workshop, we worked at 330Ohms Makerspace in the Coyoacan area, south of Mexico City.


The idea of the G:rl Power initiative is to encourage girls to study STEAM related subjects.  In this first workshop we introduced the girls to basic electronics and we explored the "anatomy" of the BBC Micro:bit. They will use the board for the Hackathon, trying to help to achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and wellbeing, following the #Microbit Global Challenge: https://microbit.org/es/global-challenge/


Here are some photos: