Two thirds of the way through the term and the micro:bits are going strong. We've lost one cable and one anti-static bag but otherwise everything is still in working order.


I was worried that by this point some of the kids would have lost interest but the majority continue to be motivated to explore what they can do. Many of the kids have now made use of the Bluetooth radio feature which is something they'd not encountered before. In the last session I let those who had completed the basic projects to use a :MOVE mini which I got for a road test. I think this is a good example how the micro:bit can be progressively extended. The students were able to quickly get the robot moving using their existing knowledge.

programming a :MOVE mini

The leaderboard is working well, with a line of kids wanting to get their projects checked off. I find they often have a few mistakes in their code and this is a good method of helping them find, understand and fix them.

leaderboard spreadsheet

I expect the projects I set will be sufficient to complete the term with those who have shot ahead to use the last few sessions to either access the many other projects available online or make their own.