G:rl Power Code Fest Americas!

Finally the day came, 4 countries: Perú, Colombia, Chile and Mexico gathered to do the G:rl Power Code Fest Americas, an event where more than 200 girls had the opportunity to share and ideate a small prototype that could help to achieve the UN Sustainable Goal Number 3: Health and Well Being.


This event started very early, at 7 pm. In Mexico we had 10 teams, 5 girls from age 12-13 and a teacher each. They all developed basic ideas. At ten, a selected group of judges: 2 Engineers, 1 scientist, 2 teachers talked with the girls and decided the 3 best projects:

  • Brain Game: It was a memory game, similar to simon says, that help people to keep mental elasticity and memory.
  • Fit gadget: It´s a personal trainer where the microbit shows you different symbols that represent a certain workout for you to follow
  • Virus Game: It´s a game where you have to throw a ball with a microbit inside, if you keep it for more than 3 seconds, the "virus" start making sound.

More info in the news https://www.unotv.com/noticias/portal/tecnologia/detalle/alumnas-secundaria-ayudan-tecnologia-pacientes-alzheimer-619688…