As we announced in our code club prezi presentation, on 24th of August, we participated to the Robotics festival, at its first edition, that was organized in our town by ”RO063 Wafy”” robotics team.

The event took place into one of the Petrila Mine buildings.

(Petrila Mine was the first coal mine from our country. In 2015 was closed. The subsistence of about 80% of the families in our town was depending on mining. Now, lots of people left the town to work abroad for supporting their families; lots of people are socially assisted; the youth live the town as soon as they finish the high school... We need investors. There is great potential in the tourism field. The nature all around is beautiful...)


Our stand was set close to the entrance, on the right. We prepared for the event with great enthusiasm!

We wished to have a roll up banner of our club and we asked our leadership (Petrila Town Hall) for purchasing one. Well, we found that there are not enough money in our library budget for this (the banner we want costs 75 Euros)... It was late to look for a sponsor. So, one of our code club's members, Delia Ioane, conceived a handmade poster. All evil for good! cause Delia's poster is wonderful!

By rotation, 10 members of our club created the experiments from Kitronik Inventor's Kits, explaining how to work with micro:bit and Kitronik to anyone who was interested. And lots of people, adults and children, stopped to our stand! Our coders made a very good job!

As we don't have a laptop at the library, Bogdan Teaha, one of our club members, has brought his laptop for this event.


Besides the work we did at the festival, we came across with other wow projects, robots realized by teenagers who came from several other cities of our country! We were the youngest participants of this event.


Echoes from the event:

At our first club session after this event, 5 new members joined us! Two of them live in Vulcan - 20 km away from Petrila! As we mentioned in our prezi, we have members in our club from Petrosani and Aninoasa; now, even Vulcan! Children are thirsty to learn coding and there is a great lake of such education programs in our region...

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