Cambourne Electronics and Robotics Club (CERC) celebrated the certification ceremony of more than 20 students who took part in the element14 Summer Code Challenge. The event was marked by a short demonstration of the projects by all kids. They made their own Powerpoint presentations to explain their projects and gained experience in communicating science to a large audience.  Some of the kids also worked in a group for their projects.


Major project demonstrations based on the BBC Micro:bit and Kitronix inventor Kit were Automatic Street Lighting, Flood detection, Rocket countdown, Direction finding, Rock-paper-scissor, controlling the remote control car, Morning alarm, Automatic Car Parking, etc.

The event was witnessed by more than 50 residents and many Councillors.



All the kids who have completed the Beginner’s sessions will now go ahead in the Intermediate group where they will be working with external sensors along with breadboarding.


It has been indeed a great time for all the kids in the village to get hold of these electronics kits. We are not stopping these activities but will continue throughout the year with many more sessions and many more to join.