New micro:bit game

Petrila code clubAfter many ideas and tests, we finally chose the game that we will  register for second phase of Summer Code Club Challenge. The game is called “I caught you, Killer!”  Its whole idea belongs to Ionut Cristian Hanc who is a new member of “RO063 Wafy” Robotics Team and just begin high school.

Basically, Ionut transformed a classic card game into a micro:bit fresh game. The card game name is “Surrender, killer!” and it plays like this:


- Pull out a number of cards equal to the number of players from the deck; it must be an Ace and a King among these cards;

- Mix the cards and place them on the table face down; every player must choose one card from the table;

- The player who has the Ace will be “the Killer” and he must “kill” all the players without being caught by “the Cop”. Yes, “the Cop” is that player who pulled out the King.

- “the Killer” must wink at a player in order to “kill” him; the player will shout: “DEAD!”, without exposing “the Killer”;

- “the Cop” cannot be killed by “the Killer”;

- Any time, “the Cop” may say to any player that he suspects being “the Killer”: “Surrender, killer!”; If “the Cop” guessed correctly, he wins the game; if not, “the Killer” wins.

Ionut transposed this game on micro:bit  and he named it I caught you, Killer!

It's played like this:

- 3 characters: one “Killer” (K): Killer one “Investigator” (I) :I caught you, killer - Investigator and (the number of players minus two) “Citizens” (C): I caught you, killer - Citizen

Without the librarian (who was recording ), there were present 9 members of our club on our last Thursday meet (when we made and recorded the game) – including Nicoleta Cindea, the coordinator. Such as, we had 7 citizens.

- One micro:bit board for every player;

- 3 codes: one for the Killer’s micro:bit, one for the Investigator’s micro:bit and one for the Citizens (7, in our case) micro:bits ; we used the micro:bit Radio function to connect the boards to each other;

- We formed a circle of chairs and put the micro:bit boards in the middle; every player chose one of the boards and sit on a chair; Petrila code club


- At first, everyone pressed the micro:bit B button to find out if he/she is the Killer or the Investigator (K or I); if she/he is a Citizen (C) it will be found out by pressing the A button; they had to be careful to hide their identity from neighbors;

- The Investigator tries to guess who is the Killer; he points to the player who is Killer, in his opinion and presses the A micro:bit button. If he is right, the leds from the Killer board will light an X – that means the Investigator won the game. If he is wrong, there will be no light on that board, at which point, the real Killer may press his own micro:bit A button and kill every citizens and win the game; a skeleton head will light on every Citizen boards when Killer's  button A is pressed

Well, in our case, because every player wanted to guess the Killer, they voted by pointing to one player and the Investigator chose one of those with several votes and accused him as being the Killer. And… he pressed THE A BUTTON… Some cases he was right, others… not. (of course, we played several times ).

                                          setting the rules:


The game is very exciting, as you can see in our film. I can hardly wait, next week, to play it with the others club groups! And, why not, to play it in our next events – the closest one is our “Meet and Code” project (7th – 17th of October 2019), when we’ll have 4 workshops, shortly, about graphic tablet and 3D printing.

We’ll make it (the game ) even more exciting! Together to Ionut, our club members had the idea to make a code such as the Citizens to “die” one by one – and not all together as it is right now - when the Killer presses his evil A button. The idea for this game came just in the last few days and the challenge deadline is knocking on the door.


Hope you’ll enjoy our game!

Thank you for watching!


P.S. - you can find the .hex files attached here. nicoleta danielzima1jlucas