I present you the song that we composed, for our code club.

It's story will be told ... later.

Here are the lyrics:




I woke up in the morning,

Turned on the TV set

A local news was saying

A code club will be set.


A code club will be set?!?


Meeting my friends

I’ve asked them:

“Have you heard the news?”

“A code club will be set!”

“Oh, where?”


“The public library!”

“And what should we learn there?”

“Something about a platform…”

“makecode dot org!”

“micro:bit, kitronik!”

“We’ll learn to make a game!”

“We’ll also make new friends!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go!”


So, my entire summer

I went to library

A whole new world has opened!


I love the micro:bit!


We’re happy-happy-happy

To learn the micro:bit!