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2 Posts authored by: lrjones
GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) is a 25-year-old international network of STEM clubs for girls. We have clubs all over the world, serving girls in grades K-12. One of our western PA clubs won the Micro:bit opportunity, receiving a club pack, so we decided to have a day-long camp incorporating these wonderful little tools, learning about electronics, and a Skype visit from a New York engineer from Google. (The video only shows the elements of the day conce ...

Struggling to learn--GEMS

Posted by lrjones Oct 20, 2018
AM preparing for the all-day GEMS camp where we will use and give away the microbits. Am terribly frustrated by software--can't find the block for IF-DO--and you can't do much without that!   Tried to make them work on tablets, but not having much luck there. Does anyone know how to find/get this block in logic in MakeCode?   Note: three hours later ( I am determined) we are going to use MakeCode anyway--old computers don't have the bluetooth. Will just tough if out. I thik that may ...