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2 Posts authored by: modalpdx
Just when I thought Friday couldn't get any better, a gift, for me, in the mail! IT'S HEEEEERE! My second BBC Micro:Bit, the "official" one that will be used in my alert button project. Thanks, element14, for sending it!   This is the Micro:Bit "Go" starter kit which contains the following:   a Micro:Bit (of course), a battery pack, a set of batteries, and a micro-USB cable   Basically, everything a person would need to get starting with Micro:Bits other than development ...
Updated 9/21/2016 to include an image and Bluez/BLE setup instructions for Raspbian "Jessie" on Raspberry Pi 3.   Oh deary dear...this is not what I wanted to do on a Thursday afternoon.   Some background:   I recently won an opportunity to build an "alert button" project using a Micro:Bit and a Raspberry Pi (thanks again, element14!). The Micro:Bit will be shipping soon, and the Raspberry Pi (not supplied by element14) is sitting in my office humming very warmly under a table, ...

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