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2 Posts authored by: rpbruiser

BBC Micro:Fit Pt. 2

Posted by rpbruiser Dec 10, 2016
Hello All,   I want to apologize for the long lapse between Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, finals have been a handful. But anyways to the content we go!   Unfortunately it does not look like the Micro:Fit will have a watch/clock component, as I can not find any module for the Micro:Bit to act as one. But I was able to make a fancy little bracelet for the Micro:Fit to be worn.   If you go to this link you will see the tutorial I followed to make my Micro:Fit wearable!   I first got an o ...

BBC Micro:Fit Pt.1

Posted by rpbruiser Oct 7, 2016
Saturday I arrived to a very pleasant surprise, my Micro:Bit had arrived! I was so excited that I did a whole photo shoot of the unboxing and jumped right into getting some code up and running on it.   THE PHOTO SHOOT: After this lovely display, it was to the code I went. Since I was doing an activity monitoring bracelet, I decided to stand on the shoulders of giants rather than reinventing the wheel, so I used the code already provided as a reference point. I created a mode variable wh ...