Thank you to all our competitors for all their efforts over the past months in this exciting RoadTest - the first RoadTest element14, MCM and CPC have done just for educators.


There are two Grand Prize winners who will receive a 3D printer worth $600. The judges have made their choices based upon the blogs provided within the allotted time.


We're pleased to announce that the Grand Prize Winners are kitfud (Kit Fuderich) and nbizzell (Neil Bizzell).

Kit is a technology teacher at Lancaster Country Day School, a private K-12 day school in Lancaster, PA. He wrote a 6-piece blog series about his Raspberry Pi Turtle Bot, which he and a student programmed with Python to produce geometric shapes. Kit also worked with a student to connect an Arduino to the Pi. The Arduino was used for sensing.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Neil is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and has been using the Raspberry Pi in his classroom to engage students in computing. He teaches Computing at a secondary school and also home schools his son. During his experiment, which he designed to teach children about both Science and Computing, he used the Raspberry Pi B+ Camera Kit to record the growth of the crystals. An older group of students coded the Kit with Python.




Check out this wrap-up from gsimerlink (Greg Simerlink - thanks, Greg!) of MCM for the complete series of submissions from Kit and Neil.


element14 would like to congratulate the winners and all those who took part for their efforts.Stay tuned for future competitions!