TLMoto is a team of students from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. Our main goal is to build a fully electric motorcycle to participate the Motostudent International Competition, which happens every two years in the Motorland Aragon MotoGP Circuit.


Our team was created in 2012 and competed in 2014 in the Petrol category (as there was no electric category at the time).  Now, we are building our first electric Motorcycle and will participate this October in the Motostudent Competition V Edition, in the Electric category for the very first time.


Motostudent is split up into two phases. The first phase focuses on project development, industrialization plans and the  innovations introduced. The second phase is all about performance, where all prototypes are put through all kinds of tests, culminating in a final race on the Motorland track, where all teams that made it through the tests are able to compete against one another. You can find out more at MotoStudent | Home .


There are around 20 teams from all around the world participating in this edition, and we’re up against the best!

This month we will be building our battery pack and getting started with the development of our BMS (Battery Management System), so stay tuned for advances!


Lastly, as all teams are supported by their sponsors, we have to thank Farnell and the Element 14 community for the resources they have so kindly made available to us. It is with the help of these people that our dream has (as we say in portuguese) “legs to walk”.


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @tlmotostudent and stay tuned for more!


CAD design of the TLM02e"Skeleton" of the TLM02e Prototype

First use of the power supply sent by Farnell