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PetBud - May Update

Posted by __ryanmcclure May 11, 2018
So far a few problems with regards to setting up the board have been encountered, these are discussed below:   Challenges In order to setup and configure the WaRP 7 board there are an array of procedures involved which can vary in their stages dependant on what software and computer you are using. We first tried to get the board configured using MAC OS Sierra, however, it proved to be troublesome using this host machine setup. This was due to a few issues surrounding the configurability b ...
    BACKGROUND   As part of our embedded system class project at the Ulster University we undertook some market research to see if any new avenue of innovation could be found aside from what is currently available for the smart feeding of pets.   Existing smart feeders are monitored and controlled via a software application on a smartphone with set feeding times and schedules. These feeders are purely 'semi- automatic' and are somewhat reliant on the owner. It was found b ...