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The latest release of element14 Community (which went live today!) includes a huge number of improvements to the way we display products promoted in our stores. Traditionally, we have put links on the page that open a new window on our store site which shows the product detail. Now you'll be able to click & see a pop-up a product detail pane with the product image, pricing, availability, and description. The update will increase your browsing speed and create less clutter on your desktop during your research.


Multiple products are now presented in a nice navigable list. This makes it really easy to display set of parts for a project & either add them to the Drawer, or on the store.



You'll find the new product detail pop-up panels used across the Community site. And we've also made it even easier for publishers to insert product links into their content, which means it's simple to use this feature in documents, discussions, Road Tests, and Design Elements.

Having a look around element14 Community there's some great questions being asked!  Did you know that when you create a discussion question on element14 Community you need to indicate that it is a question in order for the discussion to be created as a question?


By marking indicating your discussion as a question you're helping your chances in getting the question answered. Additionally - if questions are created correctly they will show up in special open question widgets to help highlight your questions more often so fellow members can help you out.  Finally, when questions are posted and someone responds with an answer you can award points to someone when their answer as "helpful" or "correct" to help them gain credibility on elment14 Community.


Step 1) To make sure you're creating questions correctly - make sure you're checking the box in the image below:

10-18-2011 11-36-33 AM.png


Step 2) When someone responds with an reply select replies as either "Correct" or "Helpful"

10-18-2011 11-50-51 AM.png


Stop back to learn more tips, tricks and element14 Community updates!



Nicole, element14 Community Manager