Since mid-December, the development team has been busy working on the first site update of 2014, which was successfully released last night (11th Feb). A lot of the enhancements and bug fixes are going in as a result of member feedback, which we do our best to read, investigate, and implement.


Some problems are quite simple to fix, but some can be caused by bugs in the core platform (Jive) which might take a lot more effort to fix without breaking something else in the process. In some cases we have to wait for Jive to fix certain bugs & provide us with a fix, so those generally take a bit longer depending on the complexity of the issue.


Here are some of the enhancements that made it into this release;


  • Provide page to see/manage all of the things you are following. Peter has written a blog post about this feature.
  • Improvements to @Mention. Dudley has written a blog post about these improvements.
  • Product quantity in the Part List and Product Detail panels. These are especially useful for product bundles.
  • Show inbound as well as outgoing messages in the Private Message archive – we had this new tab appear in your profile in the last release, but it only showed outgoing messages.. now it shows inbound as well
  • Tracking of invalid + out of stock products.. we can use this data to alert our product teams.
  • Enhance share button for Places
  • Switch link for the Brazil store to point to the Brazil website
  • Unenroll button for RoadTest.. maybe you decided you don’t want free stuff


And some of the fixes include...


  • Fix the document preview feature – this now shows a nice preview of things like PDFs
  • Content author was always shown as editor – if you edited someone else’s document, you’d not be shown as the editor
  • Fix display issues with Private Messages archive tab on profile – a Private Messages tab was appearing on everyone’s profile page.. it should have only appeared on your own
  • Fix to @mention security bug that shows full member name
  • Fix to some member points that aren't showing accurately – this showed members having a lower points level than they were actually on, yet had the correct status level badge.
  • Related Content is displaying a white box pop up when mousing over
  • Selecting 'English' for content types like Polls gives no results
  • Paging controls link to invalid URLs on the content browse pages - this would affect you if you middle-clicked on the link to open it in a new tab, or did ‘Copy Link Location’
  • Downloads - user has to click Categories twice in order for results to display
  • Some videos have no title
  • RSS feeds only contain 1 item.. even though group contains more content
  • Logged out user sees Attend this even for past events
  • Redirects to fix some 404s – we log 404’s so that we can attempt to fix any old back-links using a redirect
  • Register link incorrect for Feedback & Support success message
  • Fix blank meta description that Facebook sees
  • Ampersands in product links caused editing to fail
  • The ‘Search Within’ widget returned a 404
  • Alter social sharing options for India
  • Set correct parameters for Renren and Orkut social sharing links