With the implementation of Jive 6, users have lost the ability to easily monitor content that they are following from a single place. In order to address this, an extra tab has been added to the user's profile page to allow these items to be followed. As can be seen below the tab Following is now displayed at the right of the Tab bar. (This profile page can be accessed by clicking the user drop down menu at the top of the page, and selecting 'Your Stuff').




If the Following tab is selected, then a page is displayed showing the streams that you are using to follow content. These streams are the same that you will see if you click on Inbox and Activity from the personal drop down menu at the top of the page, or by going to URL http://www.element14.com/community/activity. Each stream is displayed in a 'compressed' format, with a comment showing how many items are being followed, as shown below.




In order to see the items in a particular stream, simply click on the relevant shown link, and the stream will be expanded as follows. Each item is shown, with an 'Unfollow' option on the right hand side. Clicking this button will remove the item from the stream - in the same way as unchecking the stream option from the standard 'Follow' option, as seen on the right hand side of a document page, for example. Clicking on the item title will take you to that item.




If you Unfollow an item, the button will change to say 'Follow, as shown below. This allows you to re-follow the item while the current page is displayed. This is in case you Unfollow the wrong item, for example. This option is only avalable until the page is refreshed, or you exit it.