Do you want Google to display your name next to the content (blogs, Documents etc) you create on element14 within the search results? Similar to this:




Then all you need to do is:


On Google+

  1. 1.      Go to your G+ profile page
  2. 2. Make sure your public name on G+ matches your public name on e14 Community
  3. 3. Make sure your profile picture is a high quality headshot of you
  4. 4.      Click ‘About’ on your Profile
  5. 5.      Scroll down to the ‘Links’ box on the right column
  6. 6.      Copy the Google+ URL link to the clipboard (use this on Community in our next steps)
  7. 7.      Click ‘Edit’
  8. 8.      In the ‘Contributor to’ section, click ‘Add custom link’.
  9. 9.      Enter label = element14, URL =
  10. 10.   Hit ‘Save’. (Make sure the ‘Contributor to’ section is set to ‘Public’)


On element14 Community

  1. 1.      Log in, and edit your Profile
  2. 2.      Scroll down and Paste in your G+ profile URL, e.g.


All done, now you just need to wait for Google to do its thing.