We deployed our second release of the year on the 4th March. A number of the bug fixes are going in as a result of member feedback, which we do our best to read, investigate, and implement.


As I mentioned in my last blog post, some problems are quite simple to fix, but some can be caused by bugs in the core platform (Jive) which might take a lot more effort to fix without breaking something else in the process. In some cases we have to wait for Jive to fix certain bugs & provide us with a fix, so those generally take a bit longer depending on the complexity of the issue.


Here are some of the enhancements that made it into this release;


  • Behind the scenes we’ve developed a new anti-spam plugin which will automatically take content into moderation if it meets certain criteria. We’ll be fine-tuning the criteria over the coming months.
  • We’ve altered the look of the product links.. the little cog is now a cart/basket & we fixed an issue where they weren’t displaying in some documents
  • There’s now a ‘Share’ button for blog posts, allowing you to easily post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Admin content publishers can now put in text that only displays for certain countries; handy for region-specific instructions, etc.


And some of the fixes include...


  • Fixed a problem when clicking ‘Create a Document’ or ‘Start a Poll’ as a guest user (resulted in an error)
  • Star icons on Question-based discussion topics are now aligned properly
  • Fix error when trying to save a document that’s in moderation
  • Copying a link to an event didn’t show the event icon
  • Product Link dialog didn’t display properly on Feedback & Support form
  • Tidy up icon positioning for Downloads