Last night we deployed a site update that includes a fair number of new features & improvements. These include;


  • Anti-spam improvements – You can now report spam from the Activity Stream. We’ve also improved the UI so that you always get visual confirmation of your report.
  • Easy deactivation + moderation of users added to menus for admin users
  • Design Challenges is a new feature that is in beta test
  • Qualtrics survey; you’ll see this new tab at the bottom of the screen asking for feedback about our site
  • Removal of Global Attributes; now that we have Design Center we’re removing this feature
  • Product Links work for people that have JavaScript turned off in their browser. They’ll also now work in emails
  • Improved login redirect will take you back to the content you were viewing before you logged in


There have been a number of bug fixes based on user feedback, which include;


  • Email notifications about comments on a video contained invalid links
  • Under certain conditions, emails were still sent even when ticking ‘Minor Update’
  • Styling wasn’t always being applied to documents in Design Center
  • Invite People to Join Group action didn’t prompt login when logged out
  • @Mentions in Road Test objects weren’t generating notifications
  • No email notification were being sent for any of the Road Test objects
  • Ratings boxes were being displayed twice in Design Center documents
  • Email notifications were being sent for aborted video uploads
  • Road Test activity wasn’t appearing in the Activity Stream or Inbox


The next release is scheduled for a few weeks from now & is mostly a point upgrade of the underlying platform. However, we expect it to fix a few member-reported bugs that we’ve seen with the Activity Stream.