Last night we deployed a site update that includes a fair number of new features & improvements. These include;


  • Added pricing for our partner companies - MCM and CPC - into our product Quick View (or pop-up) for select SKUs that they carry in their respective countries of operation
  • Added a widget to RoadTests to show other RoadTests that are currently enrolling in which you might be interested
  • Message/banner will appear at the top of the screen when the site is viewed by old browsers like IE8
  • Ability to turn off the lightbox effect for images in content.. just add a class of ‘nolightbox’ to the image


There have been a number of bug fixes based on user feedback, which include;


  • Fixed a bug where certain SKUs were not being properly added to cart from your Parts List
  • Unable to add attachments when creating a Design Challenge
  • Embedding a YouTube video had problems when the video title contained certain characters
  • HTML visible in thumbnail view of Places
  • ‘Okay to Contact’ choice wasn’t being presented back in the user preferences page correctly
  • Unable to delete videos
  • Text missing for some social sharing icons
  • Feedback tab in Design Center appeared transparent in IE8
  • Terms & Conditions page errors out
  • Under certain circumstances the Reset Password page errors out (edge case)
  • Redirect after login now ignores certain pages
  • Password reset messaging improved


The next release is scheduled for a few weeks from now & is a point upgrade of the underlying platform.