This is our second site update of 2015. Here are the new features and improvements;





And here are the bug fixes and small improvements;


  • Chrome wasn't caching images in our new Gallery
  • Colour the visited links differently, but exclude menu items from the rule
  • 3 SEO improvements to how we deal with Products
  • 1 SEO improvement for Group/Community pages
  • RoadTest - Add page views back to RoadTest Pages
  • RoadTest - Add parent RoadTest to the breadcrumb trail on Applications + Reviews
  • RoadTest - Include RoadTest score in Recent Review widget
  • RoadTest - RoadTest Applications + Reviews were showing 2 sets of breadcrumbs
  • RoadTest - In recent reviews widget padding showing an underline when hovered over
  • Design Challenges - application confirmation message was appearing on public applications
  • Design Challenges - wrong wording in design challenge application
  • Design Challenges - oversized text in Design Challenge Now Enrolling box
  • Design Challenges - Successful application needs its own confirmation message (it mentioned RoadTest)
  • Design Challenges - Add breadcrumbs to Design Challenge admin view
  • Design Challenges - product widget needs clean up
  • Some image URLs are relative in JSON search results (fix for use on our eCommerce sites)
  • Ben Heck suggest-a-build form: fix lightbox width
  • Anti-Spam Console keeps giving errors when trying to move content
  • Registration didn't support new TLDs (like .ninja, or .bio .... was it a ninja, or a gust of wind?)
  • Default to current country when registering interest for a guest user
  • Video pages show wrong style of breadcrumbs
  • 360s were loading in the wrong place on first load (seems to affect the Mac the most)
  • Strip out the {gallery} tag from content short description (affects Activity Stream, and things like blog snippets)
  • Switch out standard Jive favicon for e14 logo so that this new Firefox one-click search feature shows our logo
  • Multiple items in the Part List cause Buy Now to error for sister company, CPC, in the UK


Additionally, here are changes that were made to the Design Center;


  • Design Center - LivePerson/Live Chat fixed (you can now chat live to our technical staff for selected products)
  • Design Center - Externalise JS and CSS in Design Center product pages (helps with performance)
  • Design Center - Smart Groups shouldn't paginate if only 1 page
  • Design Center - Made the pop up web forms pre-populated member data when logged in.
  • Design Center - Added several utilities to check data integrity, external links etc to improve information quality.