We've recently made some improvements and launched a few new features on element14 Community.  Have a look below and see how you might take advantage of these and do let us know if you have any questions to how to make the most of them and your membership!


Brand New Features

  • Events are now integrated with Google Hangouts (in addition to Webex) and there is now a countdown to the start of the event. We've started using Hangouts for more of our webinars and this integration makes them easier to add to an event (in a consistent way) and easier for everyone to join. Add events to your calendar so you get a reminder of when it's about to start (there's a link to do this on the right-hand menu of the event).
  • We've simplified adding product links - you can now add them without knowing the product codes
  • We hate spam too – so we've added in even more ways to help combat it on the Community – find something that we missed?  Just use the "Report as Abuse" feature you'll find on the right-hand menu of all pieces of content


We've also made some other improvements and fixed a few issues that you've told us about as well:


RoadTest Improvements

  • Now you can find all the reviews on a single page
  • People were able to enter same RoadTest more than once.. now locked to 1 submission
  • Applications will show a social media 'Share' prompt on successful submission so you can let your social networks know you've applied to RoadTest a product
  • The reviews link was fixed, so the Part detail pop-up will bring you to the reviews
  • Create new message or omit confirmation message for RoadTest/Design Challenges applications in Draft status
  • The enrol box will now allow wrapping
  • The UI of past RoadTests widget was improved slightly
  • Remove the Recent Reviews header if there are no reviews


Design Challenge Improvements

  • Application confirmation message is appearing on Public DC Applications
  • Application needs its own confirmation message
  • HTML is displayed under "Add a Comment" on a Design Challenge



  • Restrict "add file" to uploading of images



  • Allows you to enter alt text for image uploads + links to web images



  • Typing 'light' into search box was bringing up all featured searches
  • Small changes to CadSoft Freemium download page
  • Author link in 'What's Popular Now' widget (on the homepage) was going to an error page
  • Add extra fields to the generic Register Interest form


Design Center

  • Modifying the breadcrumbs to better show product hierarchy & allow you to go back to the right place on the Search & Filter page
  • Videos will now open in light box so you don't need to leave the page to watch them