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We know there are a few issues with video publishing on the Community site since the upgrade, and those are in hand. We've also listened to Community feedback on the video player that's used on the site. There were a couple of things we focussed on;   1. Playback quality (being poor, especially on mobile) 2. Video player on mobile devices (lack of features you'd expect)   Playback quality   The first was quite difficult to pin down to anything specific. We use Brightcove as th ...

Sacrificial Violin

Posted by selement14 Feb 21, 2016
The video you are about to witness, can be difficult to watch, as it was a bit difficult to make.  The idea of taking a perfectly good Violin and sacrificing it to the good of the project takes some serious will power. Especially if you have never dissected a Violin before.  But I needed a basis for my project so I ordered one of those inexpensive, Violins from Amazon, and set out to modify it.  WARNING: This video contains Violin violence, and some viewers, who appreciate classic ...

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