We've had a response from our search team about some of the complaints we've had about searching on the transactional site.



We’ve been receiving some excellent feedback from you all on our new parametric search page. It’s a big step forward for us, making an effort to follow industry best practices. We totally appreciate that with any leap forward, we also need to remain agile as we test out these kinds of modifications. And your feedback is helping us to quickly hone in on what’s needed.


Some recommendations, like the removal of the white banner at the top of the page that says “You can view all these products now, or if you know what you are looking to find, you can narrow the results down further using the filters” is already under way. However, its removal places a considerable load on our infrastructure because it leads to products being shown right away with a lot of data, so we just need to phase it’s removal across the 40+ websites. Rest assured it’s all underway, though.


Other concerns, such as the speed and performance of filters, are being closely monitored and where issues can be nailed down, they’re being addressed. We’re working hard on all changes, monitoring and measurement, and we appreciate all the help and feedback you’ve been providing.


We’ll keep you updated on our progress right here in the comments (feel free to bookmark this post so you get the news as it happens).


Best regards,


Your design team.