In last week's site update we deployed more fixes and improvements, and we made sure we sorted out video uploads and switched to a new HTML5-first player.. meaning no more Flash!


New features / Highlights


  • Switch the Brightcove video player to a new HTML5 version
  • Allow Community video URLs to be pasted into the Embed video page (where you'd usually paste in a YouTube video URL)
  • Fix the upload process, which was slow and wasn't publishing the videos even when encoding was complete
  • Registration form changes; these are covered in more detail here.. Updates to Our Registration Process and here.. Complete the New Profile Form for the Power Profile Badge
  • The site header on mobile was waaaaay too large (took up 1/3 of the screen in landscape mode!) and stuck to the top of the screen as you scrolled. We've un-stuck it so you can view the site properly as you scroll down.


3 SEO Improvements




Red Banner error on Frequently viewed

Issues with brightcove videos that are referencing http vs. https

JavaScript error: Cannot read property

Videos embedded in content not showing separately in search results

Broken link for "See the answer in context..." on F&S

URL handler for Design Challenge application broken - takes you to Not Found

Minor discrepancy with Submit button when an error is encountered on the Cadsoft form

Cannot view video that has been embedded in private content

Product links for MCM end up throwing a 404

Issues with Suggest a Build / Help Ben Solve Real World Problems form

Change content location now redirects correctly

Quiz scores not recording


+ 3 other fixes


Back end


3 anti-spam fixes

4 other misc fixes/improvements




12 UI/UX improvements, including one to stop members with over 100,000 points (!!! ) from having this text wrap on their profile page.


Design Center


28 fixes and improvements